From Nikon D90 to Nikon D610

Hi there! I posted some photos on Instagram and Facebook about the new dSLR camera I got this Summer, but didn't really talk about it here. *** In the image below you can see my new camera (Nikon D610) on the right and the old one (Nikon D90) on the left: Since 2011 I've been shooting with… Continue reading From Nikon D90 to Nikon D610

DIY Creative Self-portraits

Back in June I did some experiments with self-portraiture. The two images above were posted on my Facebook page at the time, so maybe it's not the first time you're seeing them. I'm posting more photos today and a little behind the scenes so you can see how I did it! I look so serious… Continue reading DIY Creative Self-portraits

15 minute photoshoot

I met with Romina the other day near the train station for a quick photoshoot, she had a train to catch so we needed to hurry! We just went around the corner to find a nice street and shot these pictures in 15 minutes. It's true that because we've been shooting for almost a year now,… Continue reading 15 minute photoshoot