Opinion on Model Mayhem

This is a model with whom I recently did a photo shoot for a personal project and who I found on www.modelmayhem.com

I thought I would share my experience with using this website to recruit models because I had heard different things before and was quite unsure about it. So maybe this will help anyone out there who’s wondering the same. ;)

It’s quite some text this time – sorry for the long read!


The good things I had heard:
I first heard about Model Mayhem when shooting in London. One of the models had been recruited there and people told me it was a great platform to find other creatives for personal projects.

(you might recognize from when I blogged about it)

The bad things I had heard:
The second time I heard about Model Mayhem was on THIS video where they say and I quote:

“Don’t fall into this game of Model Mayhem, there’s a lot of really bad photographers on Model Mayhem who aren’t photographers. They just want to see naked models and it’s the truth, they’ve ruined it for a lot of people.”

So I was a bit hesitant on creating a profile there… Will models take me seriously?

In the end I decided to give it a go and signed up, it’s free anyway and being registered doesn’t force you to book with people.

Looking for models:
The search tool on the website is pretty easy to use and you can limit your search by your location and by gender. I was lucky to find a few girls there living in my area.

Type of model:
When browsing through the results you quickly realize that there are two types of models, those who are professional and are looking to connect with creative photographers, and those who like to do some modelling as a hobby or part-time job. The thing with the first ones is that they might ask to get paid to pose, as for the others they are fine to get the photos in exchange of posing, but you might need to work with them more as they don’t have the same experience.

Small country/city:
 If like me you’re in a small country/city, expect a limited choice when looking for models. Also some of them are registered but not active in the website anymore – you can check on their profile when was their last activity.

Contacting models from the same city:
Instead of asking the models directly on the messages if they would pose for me, I chose to invite each of those who replied for a coffee, so I could let them know about my photography projects and see if we were a good fit. Since we are in the same city I figured that was a nice thing to do!

Female photographer – Female model:
I only contacted female models and I think because of being a woman contacting other women made things easier.

However, suggesting to meet first for a coffee is definitely a good way to show you’re a serious person and you also get the opportunity to make sure they correspond to what you’re looking for! ;)

Strange requests:
Although some of the models I met had some stories to tell about photographers, I guess it goes both ways and it’s not just photographers who make things weird in there! I also received strange requests myself.

All in all, you have nothing to lose in creating a profile on Model Mayhem and try to connect with other creative people. You just need to be alert and pick people carefully!


¦TRADUÇÃO¦ O texto acima descreve a minha experiência com o site www.modelmayhem.com onde fotogáfos, modelos, estilistas e maquilhadores (profissionais ou amadores) podem entrar em contacto e trabalhar em conjunto. Nem sempre é fácil encontrar gente para colaborar em projectos criativos, por isso sites assim são uma óptima solução! Deixo só uma nota para ter um certo cuidado, pois nem toda a gente é séria ali e arriscam-se a receber mensagens estranhas.  ;)

Printing a photo book: ISSUU

One year ago I created a digital book on issuu.com with photos of a trip to London. We went there to celebrate the birthday of a friend and when we came back I decided to create this small diary of our trip. I wrote a post about it at the time (see HERE).


This year, for the birthday of the same friend, I thought of trying out ISSUU’s printing option and order a copy of the diary. Since we were not travelling this time nor even being together on her special day, I hoped this would be a nice gift for her to remember the trip.

At the time I used InDesign to create the digital book and I uploaded it to ISSUU in PDF format.
So I just had to go back to my profile and order a copy of it.

If you don’t have a subscription to InDesign, there’s at least one open source software I know that does the same job: Scribus.

After placing the order, I was asked to choose the type of book and as it didn’t have that many pages I went for the Magazine type. The other options are Soft- or Hardcover books.

Then for the size I chose the small one because I couldn’t remember if I had created the book with a nice resolution for printing. So to play safe and avoid getting a magazine with pixelated images, I went for the 148 x 209 mm (A5) option.

The other option would have been the medium size (A4): 209.903 x 296.686 mm.

And the last step was to choose if I wanted it in color or black & white.

As for discounts, you start getting them when you place an order of 10 items or more.

I wasn’t amazed by the quality of it, but then again it might be related to the resolution of my images. On the other hand, this is a 12 CHF (~10€/8£) product, I guess you get the point!

Still, it makes a sweet gift in my opinion :)
Definitely something I will keep using for personal projects.


Do you print photo books online?
I would love to know other options you may have tried out – let me know in the comments, thanks!

Photo desk calendar

I came up with the idea of printing a calendar with some of my favorite quotes illustrated with photographs taken by me to give as a complement to a birthday present to one of my sisters.

Since Xmas is in less than 2 months, I thought I could share this here.


I made it on PhotoBox. It’s an online photo printing company and on their website you can print photos, canvas, books, calendars, cards, mugs, etc.

I chose the desk calendar because I thought it would be handy for my sister to have it on her desk while she studies, but there are other options (like one page calendars, diaries, etc.).


The process of creating it was very simple:
After choosing the type of calendar I wanted, I was asked to choose the starting month and background color. Then I just had to upload the photos, arrange the layout and add the quotes.

While you’re working on the layout you can also add text next to the dates, for example below I added “St Valentine’s Day” on February 14th. I also inserted some holidays on the other pages.

For the quotes, I chose a font that looked hand written.
You’re able to choose the font type, size and color, as well as formatting options like bold, italic, underlined and the alignment of your text.

Once it looked like what I wanted I just had to save it and complete the order.
If you create a profile there it will save the calendar for the future, so you can come back, update the info and reprint it. It’s pretty cool!

I immediately ordered two of them though, because I knew I would want to keep one for myself. :)
FYI if you decide to get two right away, there’s a discount.

As for the quality, it’s fine. I mean it’s a 12£ (~15€/18 francs) calendar so don’t expect anything top-notch. With that said, mine had no printing errors, the colors turned out nice and everything was as expected – so I’m happy with it!

I’ve noticed on their website they have some special offers going on right now.
So go have a look if you liked the idea!