Mini Movies | Make Films course: 2

The idea for week-2 of this course was to add music and/or audio to the mini movie. And the prompt was to create a video portrait film of someone or a place. Since I had planned to meet my brother at the Christmas market, I decided to film our day there. When editing the clips together I found that the audio of each scene wasn’t very interesting, so I went for the music option only.

As I mentioned in my week-1 post, I’m doing all the filming & editing on my phone and I realized this week that when using the app it gets a bit tricky to make image + sound flow nicely. When you edit using the computer, the software gives you the opportunity to add beat markers in your timeline, so you can then cut the scenes according to the beat of the music. Oh well, I ended up editing everything together the best I could, it’s not perfect… but I think it’s good enough! 🙂

Let me know if there’s a Xmas market in your city. Is it similar to the one featured in this video?


📱 filmed on Nexus 5x
🖌️ edited with the Adobe Clip app
🎶 music by Jahzzar
📍 Switzerland
👉 see the first Make Films course post where I explain why & how I started this

3 thoughts on “Mini Movies | Make Films course: 2”

  1. Nice video! Loved how short each scene was, good for today’s attention spans 😄 And the Xmas market looked lovely! I didn’t hear any music though, but maybe it was just my phone? Anyway, editing videos is NOT for me! Tried it, and lost my patience so many times!


    1. Thanks Snow! If the volume of your phone is switched off or if you have it in silent mode then it plays the video without sound. 😉🔇 One of the things I like the most about this course (and the person who teaches) is that style of using short scenes. I find it so easy and intuitive. 👍🏻

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