Mini Movies | Make Films course: 1

I’ve started an online course to learn how to make little “memory family films” and I thought I would share the progress here on my blog. This is my first mini movie. 🙂

I’ve been following Xanthe on Instagram for a while and always enjoyed her scenes from the weekend films that she shares every Monday. I find it so inspiring to see people capturing memories with their loved ones and be creative at the same time. So when she announced that registration for one of her courses was opening, I decided to join in.

It’s a 10-week course and although I enrolled back in May, I’m only now diving into it. I’m not sure I’ll be able to come up with a mini film for each of the next 10 weeks (I mean, my life is not that interesting lol) but for the purpose of this course I’ll try! Every week we’re given a different project to work on, so that might help.

Since this is a paid course I’m not going to share the content of each lesson, but rather what was my creative thought process behind it.

The main goal for week 1 was to get started & keep it simple, so I decided to film a few scenes of a walk outside and some at home while making tea. I thought the contrast between the cold snow and the warm drink would make a fun little movie, especially if I inserted the scenes all mixed together. I also chose to remove the audio to focus only on what was going on visually.

As Xanthe says: “The first movie is like the first pancake… Sometimes it doesn’t turn out great, but you’ve got to make it, to then go on to making more pancakes that are yummy!” 😉

As for the technical stuff: I want to have fun with this project and I know that if I have to learn how to shoot video using my dSLR + install a video editing software on my computer… I would probably get discouraged. Therefore, I decided to do the entire course using only my phone. I film the clips with it and then edit & create the movie with the Adobe Clip app.

Let me know if you make videos – I would love to see yours! 🎬


4 thoughts on “Mini Movies | Make Films course: 1”

    1. 🙂 The goal for week 2 is to use music/audio. I already have some ideas of what I want to do, we’ll see if it comes out as planned! Did you ever think of trying video?


    2. No, I never did. I’d first seen little weekly videos on Helen Ogborne’s IG account and loved them. Knowing myself, though, I wouldn’t have the patience to learn about it…

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