From my phone


I’ve been taking more photos with my phone lately, just capturing everyday moments. Even if the pictures don’t have the best quality, I like that I can snap away without overthinking it too much. Some of them I am sharing on IG, but for the rest I thought I would start a series to post on the blog. So here’s the first round of: From my phone. 📱✨

I took these over the past 6 days. We had some sunshine last week, then it started to get chilly and dark… I have a feeling this is the only autumnal post I will share, next time there might be snow. I’ll keep you posted! 😉


📱 shot on Nexus 5x
🖌️ edited with the Afterlight app
📍 Switzerland

7 thoughts on “From my phone”

  1. Lovely pictures and I like the idea! Sometimes it can be fun to give yourself permission to let loose and not overthink things! I take so many iphone pics every day, it’s crazy! Mostly of my boys though!


    1. Thanks Snow! I can imagine ☺️ It’s crazy to think that our parents would take photos of us only on special occasions and now we take dozens of photos everyday.

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