Last time I blogged I was in Portugal, the Summer holidays continued with a trip to Berlin and I’ve been back in Switzerland since late August. It’s not that I had no time to post – or nothing to blog about – I just wasn’t online.

The past couple of weeks I started to post on Instagram again and it made me miss blogging. So I thought I would start with a round-up of what has been going on “photography-wise” since my last post.

I took a few photos during my holidays, I will share them in separate posts over the weekend. These are only a few from my phone that I posted on IG:

While I was abroad I couldn’t find the opportunity to shoot for the In the hands photo series. When I came back I was feeling a bit frustrated with the interruption (because it had been originally planned as a weekly series) and didn’t went on with it. I think I will continue adding pictures to this project in the future, but in a more sporadic way – whenever I feel creative again.

I haven’t picked up my camera since I came back from my Summer trips: 11 weeks ago! Instead, I’ve been going through old photos, printing them and making scrapbooks. I’m really enjoying it and I might share more on this here in the blog – we’ll see.

While I was offline these past couple of months, I took the opportunity to reflect on my photography. I was feeling bad for not wanting to take photos anymore and I needed to understand where that was coming from.

I always loved taking photos and it soon became a creative outlet for me. When I was around 25 I fell in love with the idea of becoming a photographer and started pursuing it. I learned so much in those 7 years, met amazing people and my photography evolved a lot. But at some point this year I lost my passion…

Being “a photographer” became a burden and I want to get rid of that feeling – starting by not taking photography (and myself) so seriously. I just want to get back to taking photos of my everyday life and be creative without the pressure!

I must say that the pressure is very much in my own head and mostly connected to my portraits portfolio – which I have deleted now. It made no sense to keep it and I feel so relieved now that it’s gone. It sounds silly but not having an ‘official  website’ anymore is a weight off my shoulders.

That’s pretty much where I stand with my photography at this point.

If you are still reading:
– thank you for hearing me out 🙂
– and thank you for checking my blog after being gone for so long.

I’m excited to rediscover my love for photography in a more laid-back way.

7 thoughts on “Hi”

  1. Hello Ines, it’s really good to see you back! I’ve always enjoyed your posts, and was happy to see you back on IG! As you know, quite a few inspirations for my own photography and little projects have come from reading your posts and seeing your pictures.
    Although I’ve never wanted to be either a professional photographer, I understand how you came to see it as a burden. I wish you much joy in rediscovering your love for photography!


    1. Thank you Kiki, I always appreciate your words and online companionship. 🙂 I will catch up on your blog over the next few days, I’m curious to see the Halloween photos!

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  2. I’m glad you’re back too! Love the hands series and that last photo – not the end! I love relaxed blogging and taking photos (which I’ve started to call snaps, to remove any pressure off getting it right) … trying to remind myself that this is a hobby and just a creative outlet. So I do understand you! For you, of course, it’s a but different since you are a pro photographer, but the feeling must be the same… Hope you enjoy being back! ❤ Ciao!


    1. Thanks Snow! 🙂
      I agree with you: relaxed blogging & taking snaps – sounds like the perfect way to describe it. 💛

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