In the hands | 5


What books are you reading this Summer?

Here are my last purchases:

I’m currently reading Elon Musk – How the billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is shaping our future (Ashlee Vance). I don’t usually read biography books, but my boyfriend bought it and one day I started reading the first pages out of curiosity… and really got hooked!

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3 thoughts on “In the hands | 5”

  1. Elon Musk is an interesting guy – I should definitely read that biography!

    I have already read ‘Sapiens’ and it was really good, I think they have two new books out too that you could consider buying. For now I am reading Louise De La Vallière by Dumas (a D’Artagnan/musketeers book) I am not enjoying it.

    But afterwords I plan on reading ‘Black Swan’ by Taleb – it’s meant to be great!



    1. Hi Jonathan, I didn’t know about the ‘Black Swan’ book – I just looked it up and it sounds like a good one! Thanks, I will add it to my wishlist. And once I’m done with ‘Sapiens’ I will check out the others you refer to.
      I’m curious, do you keep reading even if you’re not enjoying a book? At the beginning of this year I started ‘Mysteries’ by Knut Hamsun but couldn’t get into it. I only went through a few pages and then put it back in the shelf, I will try again in a few months.


    2. Great, I will try and get a copy of the Elon Musk book too.

      For this it is different, because the book is part of a series, I have enjoyed the others but this one is very different to the others. There are two more books after this that are supposed to be better, so I will persevere!

      In the past I have stopped reading a book and returned to it later, but I hate not finishing. Maybe, at another time in your life you will enjoy the book more, it’s weird like that sometimes!

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