6 thoughts on “In the hands | 2”

  1. I love nectarines, too – but only a little unripe, before they start softening. My other fave fruit are raspberries.


    1. Raspberries are a good one too! Berries in general don’t really feel like ‘summer fruits’ to me, because I get them frozen once it’s not the season anymore – so I never miss them as I do with nectarines or melon. Do you also get the two varieties of nectarines where you live? The yellow and the white ones?


    2. Yes, we get both varieties, but I think I only consciously noticed that this year; I only ever saw yellow and white peaches before, but not nectarines.

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    1. True!
      I really like watermelon too, a Greek friend recommended to eat it with feta cheese – I’ve tried the other day and it’s delicious. 👍


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