New photo series | In the hands


Staring a new photo series: In the hands

I wanted a photography project to focus on during the Summer months, something that would allow me to get creative without requiring too much production. Something simple – so I came back to an idea I had last year.

Last Autumn I thought about doing a series of photos featuring just my hands holding something that would be different in every shot. But for some reason I never started shooting. I would think about it often and always end up with that thought that it was not an original idea, and that the Internet was already full with hundreds of images like the ones I was imagining to photograph.

Then a few months ago, while reading a book I came across a passage that said something like: “Don’t worry if you’re the 100th person to do it. Just do it”. The next day I picked up my camera and shot the photo above. It was in March hence the wintery vibe…

The pictures I am going to be sharing from now on will be inspired by Summer.

I will be posting a photo each week – See you on Monday with the first one!

📷 Fuji x100s (f/2.8)

5 thoughts on “New photo series | In the hands”

  1. Glad the book convinced you to just do it, Ines! Lovely picture, and I’m looking forward to seeing more through summer.
    I’ve done a few hand shots before as well, and always think I should get back to it, but my camera doesn’t work with a remote clicker, just a cable, and it’s so much effort to do it with self-timer. I’ve got a week off work right now, so after reading about your project, maybe I can get my butt off the couch and try again 🙂


    1. Thanks Kiki 🙂
      That would be so cool, I would love to see some hand shots on your blog!
      When I photograph with the Fuji I use the self-timer, my trick is to put a mirror behind the camera so I can see the screen reflected there and adjust the framing/focus before taking the photo.


    2. Oh, that’s a great trick! My camera doesn’t have a “live” display, but if it had, I’d definitely use that method!

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