Foggy lens


Jumping back to April when I went to the botanical garden to take photos.

These pictures I’m sharing today were taken in a different greenhouse (a tropical one) and it was so humid in there that my lens got completely foggy. The layer of mist was creating an effect that I quite liked, so I stayed to get a few shots.

However, I don’t recommend doing this. 😅 At least I know I won’t go back and do the same – I don’t wish to have that much water on my lens ever again!


Here you can see the state of the lens, I was a bit worried… but it survived! 💦 🙊


📍 Geneva, Switzerland
📷 Nikon D610 body + Sigma 50mm lens

5 thoughts on “Foggy lens”

    1. Thanks Kiki 🙂
      I really like this botanical garden, it’s just too bad I have to take 3 buses and 1 train to get there.


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