3-day hike | Gruyère region in Switzerland


Exactly one month ago I went on a 3-day hike adventure as I never did before.

Usually when I go hiking it’s either a 1-day trip, or if we go away for a few days what we do is stay in mountain hostels/hotels. We also normally hike in circles so we can come back to the same place every night. That way we can leave our stuff in the room and carry just the essential in our backpacks.

This time a couple of friends challenged us to a 3-day hike, going from one place to another and sleeping in cabins – which meant having to carry one big backpack with everything in it (including a sleeping bag). I was a bit apprehensive to be honest, as it was so much heavier than what I am used to… but my body quickly adapted.

I didn’t take any photos on the first day because we hiked for 8 hours with a lot of steep climbs, it was quite an effort! And it rained a bit towards the end, so I just took a couple of pics with my phone. With that said, this photo diary starts on the second day at the cabin where we spent the first night.

I know some people who read my blog don’t enjoy hiking or don’t particularly love mountains – you know who you are 😉 But I hope you can still appreciate the beauty of the landscape through my photos. This region of Switzerland is very picturesque!
And for those who are fellow hikers and might be interested in the itinerary and cabins, there’s more info at the end of the post.

DAY 2:


DAY 3:


Info – itineraries, cabins & links:

🏞 Day 1: Bulle – Pringy – Les Reybes – Moléson sur Gruyères – Les Clès

⛺ Night 1: Cabane des Clès

🏞 Day 2: Les Clès – Plan Francey – Moléson sur Gruyères (then by bus to Gruyères)

⛺ Night 2: Les Sapins camping site

🏞 Day 3: Gruyères – Estavannens – Lessoc

🗺 Hiking circuits (illustration) for days 1&2 / Itinerary (map) for day 3

📍 List of hiking trails in La Gruyère region that was used to plan the trek

📷 All photos taken with the Fuji x100s

If you have any questions about the hike feel free to ask below 👇

11 thoughts on “3-day hike | Gruyère region in Switzerland”

    1. Thank you! I just checked your blog and saw that you posted a lot of tips on ultra light gear – that’s going to be useful 😉 After this first experience I need some tips on how to reduce the weight of my backpack!

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    2. The most efficient thing is to invest in lightweight base gear (backpack, sleeping bag, tent, kitchen), Ask, if you have any particular questions 🙂


    3. Thanks! I’m following your blog now, so when the next adventure comes I will refer back to your posts and ask questions if needed. And also so I can follow your hiking adventures of course 😉

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  1. A friend just said to me yesterday that we should plan a visit to Gruyère, because we were discussing Gruyère cheese, which we both love 🙂


    1. Yes, so you could also visit the cheese factory and see how it’s made. 🧀 Which variety of Gruyère do you prefer? The “young” one which has a soft taste or the more “mature” one that’s almost spicy?


    2. I have to admit I never bought it at the cheese counter, where you have a choice of young or mature. I buy a prepackaged one, and to my knowledge they’re all young.
      Seems like I need to stop by the cheese counter, though, to try a mature one….

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Is your brother hiking in Germany? There are some nice mountains and landscapes there too. I think you should join the club 😉


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