Hiking bug


Now that Winter is over, I’ve caught the “hiking bug” again. I’ve done two hikes this month, the photo above was taken in one of them – at the Montsalvens lake (in the Fribourg region of Switzerland). And if the weather is good, I might go on a 2 or 3 day hike next month, let’s hope the rain will stop soon!

⛰️ ☀

Entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

8 thoughts on “Hiking bug”

  1. I wish I were as passionate as you are about nature. My knees and back start to hurt after just 2 hours of shopping, I could not walk around through impredictible nature, surrounded by crawling and flying bugs. I am such a brat, it’s too sunny, it’s too cloudy, it’s too windy. You are something else! 🙂


    1. Hahaha!! You have to start small, like a 30 min walk in a place with a nice clear path to follow 😉 And during a season when there aren’t so many bugs around. Baby steps 🙂 Parks and botanical gardens are a good alternative to enjoy nature without leaving the city 👍

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  2. You might have a fair bit of rain but it brings so much greenery to the landscape, and all the better to hike in! And what a wonderful country you have for hikes as well! Enjoy them, as I will enjoy it through your photos, Ines!


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