More mountains and an update


These are the last photos I will be posting from my trip to Grindelwald and the First summit. It was really cool to go through all pictures over the month of November and share them here!


Now that this series is over, I don’t really know when I will be back to the blog. I might share a few pictures I took for photography jobs I did recently, but regarding personal & creative projects I honestly haven’t picked up my camera since September. And I don’t think I will be shooting new stuff anytime soon.


If you’ve been around for a while, then you probably saw that back in January my goal for this year was to stop freelancing full-time and get back into the job market. Fast-forward 11 months and still no job. (aaargh!) So the plan now is to learn some new skills, I’m starting a 3-month course tomorrow. With that said, I’m guessing I won’t have a lot of time to photograph in the near future…


Or perhaps having classes and getting back into a more scheduled routine will allow me to take some photos during my free time. We’ll see! Until then, take care. 😉



6 thoughts on “More mountains and an update”

  1. Ines, all the best for your course, and no matter if you post more infrequently or not – I’ll be happy to see a post from you anytime 🙂 . I hope you still get to pick up your camera during the next three months. Maybe being away from photography will inspire you anew…
    Wishing you success & inspiration!
    PS: I hardly picked up my camera in November and don’t think I’ll have enough for “the month in pics” – so I can relate…

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    1. Thanks Kiki! I’m still adjusting to this new routine, I guess it will get easier with time.
      I just saw you posted a “half of November in pics” on your blog, better to share a few photos than none. 😉
      I hope you’re having a great vacation – Talk to you soon!


    1. Thanks Deborah! Perhaps you’ll be able to come visit someday and I can show you around.😉
      (PS: Love your thumbnail pic)


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