Meeting Monika from Destination Humanity


This is the third time I hop on a train to go meet a fellow blogger/photographer in ‘real life’. The first time was in Portugal with Joana and the second time in Basel with Sarah.

The other day I went to Bern to spend a couple of hours with Monika from the blog Destination Humanity. I can’t remember who found who online, but it was 6 months ago that our blogging paths crossed and since then we’ve been following each other’s work + chatting about photography (and so many more things).

It’s always really cool to finally see and meet the person in offline mode, although you already know a lot about each other from online interactions, there’s nothing like realizing the person is just as real as you!


We had a very nice talk by the river, sitting in the sun. I took these snaps while Monika was getting her camera ready to shoot a self-portrait for her 365 project. Then we quickly got a selfie of us before running back to the train station – it was a lovely afternoon!


😚 😘


2 thoughts on “Meeting Monika from Destination Humanity”

  1. ohh, what a lovely post!! I had a great time with you, thank you so much for going to Berne to meet me even though it wasn’t for very long! Hope to see you again soon ❤


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