5 years of this view | Switzerland


The lake with the mountains in the background, I find it so beautiful – particularly on days like this, when it’s all blue.

I have been living in this region of Switzerland for 5 years now and I think I got so used to this scenery, that sometimes I just don’t see how magnificent it is anymore…

I guess the same must happen to other people all around the world. Feel free to share in the comments below if that’s your case and you also feel the same way about the place where you live. I would be curious to know!



2 thoughts on “5 years of this view | Switzerland”

  1. I absolutely know what you’re talking about! I moved to NYC about 10 years ago. I’m originally from a small town in Germany, so it was quite a change. But I got used to the city and it has become normal every day life. It’s usually when I have visitors, that they make me take a step back and appreciate how special it is that i get to live here 🙂 I’m always a bit jealous when I see your posts of this beautiful lake. Cause I think…wow. She gets to live there 😉


    1. And when I see yours I think ‘wow she spends every day in freaking NYC’ 😉 hahaha!
      Thanks for sharing, the same happens to me when I have people visiting. I actually took these photos while walking around with someone who didn’t know this part of the lake very well.

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