Reconnecting with photography


A while ago I challenged myself to bring a camera with me when going out, capture my wanderings and reconnect with photography. Hence all the nature shots, travel pics and photo collabs here on the blog lately. 😉

I’ve been feeling a bit down regarding my portraiture work. Something is off… It’s not that I don’t like the photos I took since I’ve started it 2 years ago, I do love them, and I’m proud of everything in that website. BUT it’s like taking a path, enjoying the walk, and then realizing it didn’t quite take me where I wanted to go.

It’s weird to explain, or maybe I am the weirdo!

Anyway, I’ve been chatting with Claudia lately – she’s also into photography and has been through a similar career change (read her blog post here) – and just being able to talk with someone who is in the same boat kind of helped me reevaluate things. Thanks Claudia!

I don’t think I will get into new portraiture projects just yet, but at least I feel there’s hope. And I don’t feel as guilty for taking a break on portraits anymore!

In the meantime, I will keep shooting spontaneously and posting here on the blog.

🌿 💚 🍀

Did you ever had to reconnect with photography (or any other passion)?
How did you do it?


PT: Muitas fotos de passeios e natureza ultimamente. Resolvi fazer uma pausa nos retratos. Às vezes é preciso parar uns tempos para perceber que passo dar a seguir!

12 thoughts on “Reconnecting with photography”

  1. What we want, and enjoy, in life can change. Life is short, enjoy what you do, and have the courage to change. (This is advice I am trying to live at the moment, as I ponder a career change too). Best of luck.


  2. Sometimes I feel like I’ve hit a photographic dead end. When that happens, I might take a break, or I might go off in a totally different direction.


  3. You do take beautiful nature photographs. 🙂 I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected from photography lately, too. I think it’s just that sometimes life gets in the way of creativity. I hope you find inspiration and can reconnect with photography, or find something else that you love. I’m happy you have someone to talk to, it’s so important.


    1. Hi 🙂 I hope you’ll also find inspiration soon and that you too have people to talk to and that get you 😉 You’re right, it’s so important! Thanks for your comment ❤

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  4. Is there anything specific you miss about the time when you did enjoy portrait photography? If not, it might be that you’ve just moved to different things. We don’t keep the same hobbies for our entire lives. Photography is a large field though, so just go with the flow. Perhaps the portraits start looking the same to you, which is something I’m suffering from for example, and you’re constantly looking for new angles, new ideas. Browsing on Pinterest for example might re-spark your enthusiasm for portraiture again. Or visit a few museums, some photographic exhibitions. But I wouldn’t worry too much about changing desires.


    1. Thank you for your comment and suggestion, I really appreciate it! 🙂
      I guess what I miss is just doing portraiture for pleasure. Because shooting portraits became the reason to build a portfolio and then get clients, the business side of things got a bit in the way… Right now it feels good to have a break.

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  5. This makes me happy 🙂 Your photography speaks to me and I’m sure to other people too. Sometimes we tend to overthink things, instead of just going with the flow. E-mail coming your way 🙂


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