Details of a morning walk


These photos remind me of the type of shots I was getting back in 2011, when I first got a dSLR camera. It’s funny how sometimes we need to get back where we started to figure out where to go next. 🙂

I shot these with the Fuji x100s while walking in the park last weekend.




PT: Alguns detalhes do fim-de-semana passado, fotografados durante um passeio matinal no parque.

4 thoughts on “Details of a morning walk”

  1. That’s really interesting – when I look at your pics I’m thinking: that’s what I shot a few years back as well! I’m currently trying to get back to shooting stuff like that, I keep going back to my posts that contain mainly details of mundane life, and I’m trying to see those again 🙂


    1. I think sometimes with photography there’s too much pressure that the images need to be amazing so they can get published! However, this is just my personal blog – not a portfolio. So I’ve been making the effort to bring my smaller camera with me when I go outside and capture simple photos of what’s around me.
      Also lately I’ve been a bit unsure about the path my photography took and it’s feels good to just relax by shooting simple pictures of the everyday life. 🙂

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