Following the Rhône in Geneva | Hike


After visiting ‘Pointe de la Jonction’ (see my last post), we went for a hike along the Rhône river. It was quite a hot day so walking on a path by the water and underneath the trees was just perfect!

I took a few photos along the way. 📷 💦




🐮 🐮 🐮 🐮

Something that really intrigued me were these huge towers we could see on the other side of the river. You don’t usually see buildings that tall outside of cities around here. To my surprise, I found online that they were built in a former farmland in the early 70s and they are part of an apartment complex that has over 6000 residents! 😮



After walking for 5 Km we decided to cross to the other side and get a bus back to the city. However, the path still goes another 10 Km – so we could have walked all afternoon by the river if we had wanted too. 🙂



PT: Algumas fotos do passeio ao longo do rio Ródano em Genebra.

2 thoughts on “Following the Rhône in Geneva | Hike”

    1. They were being really bothered by the flies though! But apart from that I think they were enjoying the sunny weather as well 😉

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