Where two rivers become one | Geneva


A few days ago I went to ‘Pointe de la Jonction‘ in Geneva, which is the exact point where the Rhône and the Arve rivers merge together.

What’s special about it is that the waters of both rivers are different colors and they don’t mix right away. So for a little while the river is bicolor!



We decided to admire the scenery from the bridge, which is accessible if you follow the path that comes from the city through the trees. Once you reach an old building you just take the stairs up and the access to the bridge is right around the corner.



I will go back sometime for sure, so I can take the other path that goes to a platform right in the middle – where the waters merge.


PT: ‘Pointe de la Jonction’ em Genebra é o sítio onde o rio Ródano e o rio Arve se juntam, o que torna a vista especial é o facto dos dois rios terem cores muito diferentes e de estas não se misturarem logo. Decidimos admirar a paisagem da ponte, mas também é possível aceder a uma plataforma no centro do rio onde as águas se unem – fica para uma próxima!

8 thoughts on “Where two rivers become one | Geneva”

  1. Just saw the two rivers merging pic on your IG – amazing how the coulours differ and don’t mix at once. From where you stood, can you see how they merge completely? I assume after merging it all takes on the muddy colour?


    1. It’s really peculiar isn’t it? I really liked to see it 🙂
      That’s right, the river becomes muddy once they are completely merged. The water of the Rhône is only clear at that point because it crosses the lake. I couldn’t see the spot where they merged because there was some construction work happening on the bridge, so we could only see one side. Then once we crossed we had to walk a bit in a field and forest before getting close to the water again, at that point it was already one color.

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  2. Ines, I can’t get over the difference in the two colours, particularly in your first photo. Nature is a complex thing, it’s quite incredible! 🙂


    1. Yes, it’s amazing and at first I was a bit confused too! But it makes sense when you think that one is the clear water from the lake and the other is coming from the mountains full of dusty rocks. I found online that there are quite a few other places like this in the world (Germany, Croatia, USA, Canada, Brazil, China, India) – maybe in one of your trips you’ll be able to see it as well 😉

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