Public transports in B&W | Collab photo project

* Subway exit – last stop.

This is my second photo collab with Kiki from the blog Through a lay(wo)mans lens. If you missed our first series and want to know how we got together to do this photography project – read here.

Our theme this time was: Public transports in black & white 🙂

The first shot you see here was spontaneous, when going out of the subway I saw the people in front of me walking to the exit and thought it would be a nice photo in B&W. The following 3 photos were planned, I thought about them in advance – what I wanted to shoot and where.

* Driverless urban rail transport.
* Bus line 18 shot from above.
* Boats are also public transports when you live by a huge lake.
PT:Uma colaboração fotográfica com outra blogger, o tema é ‘Transportes públicos a preto e branco’. As fotos que a Kiki tirou podem ser vistas no blogue dela aqui.

9 thoughts on “Public transports in B&W | Collab photo project”

  1. Hi Ines – it was fun doing this again 🙂 I especially like your people pic, and having boats as part of the public transport system is a cool thing, wish we had that here…

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    1. Hi Kiki – yes it was! Thanks 🙂
      The boat is great specially for people living on one side of the lake and working on the other, it saves them quite some time.


    1. Thanks! For these collabs I like to think in advance about the photos I want to get, but it’s also nice to keep an eye open to any photography opportunities that may appear. 😉 I’m guessing you do the same with your monthly series?


    2. You’re right. I do the same thing. And often at the end of the month there are random ones that fit the photo prompt better and they get switched out. Did you have a 4th one planned for the collab that didn’t turn out as you thought?


    3. Not really, I planned 3 shots and hoped I would be able to come up with a fourth! But I had some extra photos of the boats, from different angles, that I could use if needed 😉


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