3 Swiss castles


I’ve been offline the past few days, we had guests visiting Switzerland so we spent most of the time showing them around.

The first two photos were taken in the Valais region in a town called Sion, the castle above is Château de Valère and the one below Château de Tourbillon. You can’t tell by these photos but they are on different hills facing each other.


The third castle is Château de Chillon situated on the shores of the Léman Lake. Apparently the most visited historic building in Switzerland!



PT: 3 castelos Suíços – ‘Valère’ & ‘Tourbillon’ na cidade de Sion e ‘Chillon’ junto ao lago Léman.

2 thoughts on “3 Swiss castles”

  1. I’ve been to the third one a couple of years back! Didn’t go inside though.. So lucky of you to live in that beautiful country! I was really impressed by its beauty.

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    1. I didn’t go inside this time, but I did back in 2012 + took some photos and posted them [here] if you’re curious. 😉


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