Glacier 3000 | Switzerland


On the second day of our birthday getaway in Les Diablerets the weather was amazing, so we decided to take the bus to Col du Pillon and from there the cable car up to the glacier.

There are actually two cable cars: the first one to get you up there, and a second one that goes from one peak to another.




The cable car departs from 1546 meters high and arrives at 2971m! It’s quite a ride but it’s worth it for the views!



Once up there we took a ski lift to an area in the snow where there were a few activities happening, however we just enjoyed the view and walked a bit in the snow.





Then back up to the real adventure: crossing a suspension bridge that connects two mountain peaks! It wasn’t as scary as expected so that was good thing. 😉





For people who are used to doing sports like ski or snowboard and that spend the Winter months in the mountains, a view like this is a normal thing to see. But I’m not one of those, so I couldn’t stop snapping! I hope these photos can translate the immensity of the landscape.

We also had lunch up there and then took the cable car back down for a hike in the forest – but that’s a story for a whole new post. 😉


PT: Fotografias da subida ao Glaciar a partir do ‘Col du Pillon’, das vistas lá de cima e da travessia da ponte suspensa – as imagens falam por si!

16 thoughts on “Glacier 3000 | Switzerland”

    1. Thanks Kaili! I’m sure you guys would love it, if you ever come to Switzerland you know where to go 😉


    1. It’s funny you say that, because when we got up there we were saying that the snow was kind of masking the relief of the mountains and for that reason it didn’t seem so high. I guess that’s why the peak walk wasn’t as terrifying as we imagined it would be!

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  1. Wow, it almost doesn’t look real, it’s so beautiful 🙂 You are extremely lucky to live where you do. 😀 I need to visit Switzerland again…I did once when I was about 15, and loved it, but it would be so cool to see more of it.

    Happy belated birthday, by the way!

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    1. Thank you Deborah! 🙂
      Switzerland is a small country but there’s a lot to see. What region did you visit when you came here?


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