Birthday in the mountains


A few years ago my boyfriend and I started this tradition of spending a few days away to celebrate our birthdays, as we were both born in May.

We had done Mallorca (Spain) and Chamonix (France) on past occasions. This year we chose to stay in Switzerland and go to a village in the mountains called Les Diablerets.


On the first day it was actually cloudy and rainy, as seen in the photos. We still went for a little walk and tried to follow the path that would lead to a waterfall, but we gave up as soon as we saw how muddy it was… Falling in the river wasn’t part of the birthday plans!




The weather got much better the next day and we were able to spend the morning up in the glacier, that you can see in the distance in these photos. The view from up there was amazing! I’m afraid the photos won’t do it justice… I will share them in a separate post tomorrow. 🙂


PT: Algumas fotografias do primeiro dia nas montanhas, um dia chuvoso em que só deu mesmo para dar uma volta pelas ruas das redondezas. Ainda tentamos caminhar até uma cascata ali perto, mas desistimos mal vimos o caminho lamacento junto ao rio. O segundo dia foi muito melhor, pudemos subir ao glaciar que se adivinha no horizonte destas fotos. As imagens do dia 2 ficam para amanhã!

18 thoughts on “Birthday in the mountains”

  1. Belated Happy Birthday! I find the bird pic quite fascinating, it’s as if I could discover a pattern or message by looking at it very closely (but I can’t 🙂 )…

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  2. Switzerland is such a pretty country. I’ve had one of my best vacations there, in a tiny place called Weysonna


    1. Arg. I hit send to early. It’s called Veysonnas. It was summer and we hiked in the moutains, went skiing and saw this awesome dam called… uhm.. Grand something… i’ve forgotten its name. Anyway, it was pretty.

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    2. It’s the Grande Dixence dam 😉 I had to look up the town as I wasn’t sure where it was, it’s actually close from the region where part of my family is from. It’s beautiful for hikes there too!


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