Blogs I like to read | Before & Now

(my photography throughout the years)

The content of my blog evolved since I started it in 2011. It has always been related to photography, however in the beginning it was more about learning and documenting the progress. Nowadays it’s my online corner to share the things I do and like, always through photography.

Over the years, the blogs I like to read also changed.

In the first couple of years, I would mainly read blogs teaching about photography. Then when I became interested in portraiture and fashion photography, I shifted to reading a lot of blogs owned by portrait & fashion photographers.

For a while now, I’ve been more into reading blogs that are personal. I still look for beautiful photographs, but the key element is that I can follow the blogger’s journey. It can be about becoming a photographer, travelling around the world, or just sharing a life story.

Here are 4 blogs I’m really enjoying at the moment:

Mariell is a freelance writer, photographer and web-designer, her blog is a diary of her life. I really like the format of her posts: the daily-life type of content illustrated with beautiful photos! Sometimes I wish I would blog everyday about everything like she does.


Blown a Wish Photography
Deborah is a photography lover, on her free time she shoots stock photography and also experiments with film (she has quite a collection of cameras). I really enjoy her style as a photographer and reading her blog in general. She recently started sharing the process of putting together her own darkroom – so cool!


Our Inflatable Home
I was following Jo’s photography work before, but since she announced she was going to travel & camp around Europe for the next 4 months – I’ve become hooked to her new blog! I never went on a long trip, so it’s really cool that I can follow along hers + she takes beautiful lifestyle type of photos to illustrate the trip.


Destination Humanity
Monika discovered photography last year and she’s blogging about it in a very personal way. She takes beautiful images and her posts are very intimate, I think that’s why I like to read her blog so much. She also lives in Switzerland, so hopefully we’ll be able to meet one of these days!


What are your current favorites?
Let me know, I like to discover new blogs. 🙂

PT: Quando comecei a ler blogues estava mais interessada naqueles que ensinavam sobre fotografia. Depois passei a ler os de fotógrafos que escreviam sobre retratos e moda. Hoje em dia dou por mim muito mais curiosa em ler histórias pessoais, seja o blogue de alguém que está a partilhar o processo de se tornar fotógrafo ou da sua viagem à volta do mundo. Os 4 blogues acima fazem parte dos que mais gosto de ler neste momento. Para além do conteúdo de cada um deles ser cativante à sua maneira, têm também todos fotos lindas!

6 thoughts on “Blogs I like to read | Before & Now”

  1. Beautiful blogs – I could see the first 3, the last one didn’t work. Is there a way to follow these blogs? Haven’t found a subscription or follow tab. I feel the same about being personal – it attracts me to read a blog. Sometimes I’d like to get more personal on my blog too, but I’m always a bit concerned about privacy . The blog / website I read on a regular basis is (Daniel Milnor). I like everything he writes, but his podcasts (you find them in Dispatches) are amazing. I hope you will like it. 🙂

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    1. Hi Claudia! The link to the last one seems to be working fine for me, perhaps it will work for you too now? I follow the 3 first blogs on the Bloglovin’ platform. That’s where I see & follow all blogs that are outside of my WordPress reader 🙂
      I understand what you mean, there’s that wish to let it all out and be more open versus keeping some privacy. I haven’t found the perfect balance yet…
      I will check out Daniel’s blog – thanks for sharing!

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  2. I’ve wanted to comment on this since forever – thank you so much for mentioning me, Ines!! It totally made my day :)) ❤ I'm glad you enjoy my blog and I enjoy yours a lot as well – I really hope we can meet up next month 🙂 and your photography has always been beautiful, I think the photo on the upper left of 2013 is very intriguing 🙂 hugs! ❤

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    1. Thank you Monika ❤ That 2013 photo was created for a project I was doing with other bloggers, we would send each other quotes and interpret them through photography. I used multiple exposures for that one because the quote said something about walking again & thinking over 😉


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