Follow the path | Hiking


I was going through the photos I took on last weekend’s hike and realized I had a few featuring the path we followed – they make for a nice little series to post here.


It was a 10K hike both in the forest and the countryside with lovely weather. We did it in 2h30 with a 30 minutes lunch break in between, where we sat under some trees eating our sandwiches and joking about keeping watch for zombies! 😀 (we’re fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ comics & TV series, so we can’t help it – if you are too I’m sure you’ll understand hahaha)


I love hiking, it’s one of my favorite things to do!

A long weekend in the mountains back in 2012 was one of our best hiking experiences (photos HERE). 2013 was when we really started hiking more, we did at least one big hike each month from March until August. In 2014 we got ourselves ‘real’ hiking boots and went to some nice places too, I blogged about it HERE and HERE. 2015 wasn’t that good though, we barely did any hikes except for a big one in France. So I hope this year we’ll be able to do some more, this one was already our second (see the first hike of 2016 HERE).


Any hiking lovers reading?
Let me know who you are in the comments section. 😉

Tradução: Estava a rever as fotos que tirei no passeio do fim-de-semana passado e reparei que tinha uma série delas com o caminho que seguimos. Foram 10Km ao todo. Adoro fazer caminhadas, esta já foi a segunda do ano. Em 2013 fizemos uma grande caminhada por mês de Março a Agosto, vamos ver se este ano conseguimos bater o recorde!

10 thoughts on “Follow the path | Hiking”

  1. Awesome photos! I live in Washington state and our hikes look much different! Check out my post from today to see what the wet Pacific Northwest looks like! or my instagram @lovewhatswild

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    1. Hahaha 😀
      Does Norway has nice hiking paths? I don’t know a lot about your country I must admit.


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