Week 1 – IG Photo Challenge


A week ago I started a ‘photo a day’ challenge on Instagram, for the month of April. I thought it would be fun to keep track of each week here on the blog and share the thought process + how I felt for each photo. Not sure it’s going to be of interest to anyone, but for me it will be nice to look back at it in the end of the month!

I think I can really say this challenge had an effect on me since day one. It made me take photos I would have never taken otherwise – both for the best & for the worst!

Here’s the breakdown:

Day 1 – Yellow

I went out to run some errands with the theme in mind and kept an eye on my surroundings. When I was on the bus, I spotted the yellow blossoms and later in the day I came back to that place to take this photo. I would have never done that for an Instagram photo before!


Day 2 – Looking down

I wanted to share my print collection on Instagram that day, so I just made sure to take a photo of it that would also match the theme for the challenge.


Day 3 – Starts with A

For this one I really went thinking out of the box, I grabbed an apple and challenged myself to be creative with it. The image ended up being selected (out of over 1400 photos) to be featured on the top 4 by the account that manages the challenge. It was a very nice surprise and it felt like the creative effort had been rewarded!


Day 4 – Cool

This photo was actually taken on ‘Day 1’ while I was on my errands run. I walked by that place and I knew it would make a nice photo for the ‘cool’ theme, so I snapped it in advance.


Day 5 – Thank you

Tricky one! I first thought of an easy solution, like taking a photo of the words ‘thank you’ but then it didn’t really made sense for me… and I figured I should do something more meaningful. So I just used the theme as an excuse to give a shout out to an online fitness coach, whom I’ve been following and doing her workouts since November last year.


Day 6 – A building

I admit this one was taken a bit in a rush. I saw a nice building, stopped a few seconds to snap a picture and carried on. I didn’t even work on different angles or anything. By the time I got to post it, I was a bit annoyed at myself as the perspective is a bit weird and it would have been nice to have more photos to choose from.


Day 7 – I sat here

Early afternoon while in the train, I realized I still hadn’t any photo for this theme. I knew I was going to spend the afternoon at someone else’s place (and I wasn’t going to take a photo of their sofa for sure!), then I would be back in the train and back home (which has no picture worthy furniture). So I kind of entered ‘panic mode’ and took a pic of the train seat (which is far from being picture worthy too…) *Sigh*.


Day 8 – Pair

This was yesterday and I was feeling a bit down. Honestly, I didn’t feel like thinking about the IG challenge at all. I even thought about skipping the day… but then it really annoyed me, as I would like to be able to commit and post a photo each day of the month. So I checked recent photos on my phone to see if by any chance one of them would match the theme, and I found this one! It had been taken 10 days ago while cooking. I remember noticing the drops of humidity on the egg shells and taking a pic, but I never posted it anywhere. So I used it.



– I might need to get ahead of myself and start taking all photos in advance. So I can do it without feeling pressured by time and that way I won’t be posting meaningless photos that make me feel frustrated.

– I would love to have the creative energy to come up with ideas for images like the one from ‘Day 3’ every day. I can make an effort to think outside of the box more often though!

Tradução: O resumo da primeira semana do desafio fotográfico no Instagram.

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