It’s not Spring yet


The past few days with the sun out, flowers everywhere and being able to go outside without a Winter coat, it really felt like Spring was here! Today it’s all gloomy and the forecast for the rest of this week is: cloudy, rainy and chilly. It’s not here yet…

These photos are outtakes from my Green Collection. I took around a hundred photos the day I shot for the project in the different greenhouses, but in the end I only selected 6 for the art prints. So as you can imagine, I have a lot of them on my computer that I will be sharing every once in a while. Here are some cacti today!


Tradução: Tirei imensas fotos quando fotografei para o meu projecto “Fine Art“, no entanto como só escolhi 6 imagens para a colecção acabei por ficar com muitas arquivadas no computador. Irei partilhá-las aos poucos por aqui. Hoje: cactos!

8 thoughts on “It’s not Spring yet”

  1. Love that first photo. Great shapes and lines. It’s supposed to be spring here in Oslo, but I ain’t seeing much of it. Today it’s been gloomy outside. Blargh. If you see any sun in the near future, send it way up north will you 🙂


    1. Thank you! Here all of a sudden the weather changed into a beautiful day – it wasn’t supposed to be a day like this, but I’m glad it turned out so sunny and warm… I’m sending some Spring vibes over there now 😉


    2. The Spring vibes didn’t reach all the way up here, because we had heavy rain and a hailstorm this afternoon. Maybe it comes tomorrow *wishing*

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