Photographing photographs shouldn’t be complicated


I took this photo yesterday to promote one of the prints from my Green Collection and I won’t tell you how long it took me until I finally got this image…

The print shop where I have my fine art prints is offering free shipping all weekend and I wanted to promote that on my Facebook & Twitter. However, instead of just posting a link to the shop or sharing the photos themselves, I wanted to showcase the print framed and on display. I think it gives a much better idea of the feel of it and what I want it to be: a touch of nature in a home with no plants.

The Still Life creative program I did back in February/March really helped me with feeling more comfortable taking this type of photos, but it still takes me a lot of time until I feel the image is ready. I had to change the angle and composition of it several times!
I hope this will get easier with time, because sometimes it’s so frustrating…

Let me know if you have experienced the same with Still Life Photography and if it’s really only that complicated at the beginning.

(Oh! If you feel like checking out the print shop, just click the photo) 🙂

Tradução: Tirei esta fotografia para promover o meu trabalho “Fine Art” que tenho à venda no site Society6 (para ir até lá é só clicar na foto). No entanto, em vez de partilhar só um link ou a fotografia em si, queria capturar uma imagem que mostrasse uma das fotos num quadro e da forma como visualisei que seria usada: para decorar uma casa sem plantas. Depois de muitas tentativas, esta foi a imagem final usada nas redes sociais!

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