Hello April + IG Photo Challenge


Hello April! Hello Weekend!

Happy for blue skies & blossoms everywhere. I took these photos today while I was running a few errands in town, I’m so glad I had my camera with me.


April is the month I start participating in new challenges over on Instagram. A week ago I mentioned I was looking for Instagram challenges to boost my inspiration and so far I found two I really like:

  • The #FMSPhotoADay (created by Fat Mum Slim), she gives a monthly list with a prompt for each day. Today’s was “yellow”.
  • A weekly theme given by the IG account It’s My Week, each week there’s a new theme to get inspired by. This week is #MyWeekOfPositiveVibes.

With these two in mind I took this photo today:

Find me on Instagram: @imonnet

I will try my best to keep sharing a photo each day, during the month of April!

If you’re participating in any IG challenge please share in the comments below. 🙂

Tradução: Abril! Já há flores por todo o lado e tenho a certeza que é por isso que ando mais animada, o tempo cinzento e o frio decididamente não estavam a contribuir para a boa disposição… Tirei estas fotos hoje enquanto andava na cidade, ainda bem que tinha a máquina comigo! E encontrei dois ‘desafios fotográficos’ para participar no Instagram, vamos ver se consigo partilhar uma foto por dia até ao fim do mês. Bom fim-de-semana!

12 thoughts on “Hello April + IG Photo Challenge”

    1. Cool! Thanks for sharing, indeed I’m a bit worried that it’s not going to be that easy… But for once I would really like to commit until the end. Did you do it only for the blog or also on Instagram?


    1. Please do & I will follow back 🙂 Yes, everyone can start a challenge over there, you just need to create a hashtag for it and invite people to join in! What I really like with IG challenges – besides the creativity boost – is that you join a community. Everyone is checking each other’s photos and you’re able to connect with people in a different way.

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  1. I’ve participated in both of these sporadically, usually when I’m needing inspiration for something to photograph.
    These are some lovely photos!

    Just followed you over there (I’m @hollowayfamilynorth)

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