Like cats do…


I tried to make friends with a cat today & I was completely ignored 😀

I’m sure I was looking like a fool standing there with my big 70-200 mm lens, trying to get his attention by saying “kitty kitty” ahahah. All I got was this photo! Then he jumped down and disappeared. Like cats do, right?

I was inspired to take this shot by Leong from the blog Silent Moments. He takes a lot of photos of cats in the streets and every time I see one of those cat photos showing up on my WP Reader feed it makes me smile – so I thought I would share!
(the cats on his blog actually look at the camera eheh)

Tradução: Tentei fazer um novo amigo hoje mas sem êxito, esta foto foi a única que consegui antes de ele fugir dali. Os gatos são mesmo assim, não é? Sempre tudo à maneira deles…

5 thoughts on “Like cats do…”

  1. hahahaha ive done this many times with my cat. Trying to get his attention just to take a good photograph

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