6 photos of an afternoon in Lucerne, Switzerland


I went to Lucerne for the first time today, the weather was perfect for walking around!

I will share more in the next few days – for now, I hope you enjoy these first photos. 🙂






Tradução: Hoje fui até Lucerne pela primeira vez, o tempo não podia ter estado melhor. Para já ficam aqui estas fotografias, partilharei mais nos próximos dias.

7 thoughts on “6 photos of an afternoon in Lucerne, Switzerland”

    1. Thanks! The weather is changing every day, today it’s all cloudy and rainy… I hope by the time you get here it will be sunny and warm 🙂 If I remember well you’re going to the Zurich region, right?

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    2. Well remembered! We’re going to do some day trips from there but the rest of the week Zurich. I’m pretty excited about seeing Zurich itself, it looks so pretty in photos with the mountains and the lake surrounding it 🙂 Next time, I’d like to see Lugano, which I imagine must be a bit similar to Garda in Italy… But for this trip, we don’t have time for everything 🙂 As for the weather, it’s the same over here – you never know!

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    3. There are a lot of cities here surrounded by lake + mountains, all different but all beautiful! I’m sure you’ll like it and I’m looking forward to reading about it on your blog 🙂

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