How to keep photographing even if there’s no inspiration?


I have been feeling a bit uninspired for photos lately, I think I need a new project!

Today I kind of forced myself to use the macro lens on the iPad and try to shoot something, just create images from random objects around me. The four above are the outcome. Nothing special really… but I thought I would still share the struggle.
Do you also have blocks of inspiration? What do you do to fight them?

I’m thinking about 2 options:

  • Checking some Instagram challenges, those that give you a theme each day. So whenever I feel I would like to post something there but I don’t know what, I can take a photo that matches the daily topic.
  • Starting a new photo series here on the blog. I still don’t know what exactly, but for sure something that doesn’t impose a schedule for posting (past experience has proven that it becomes a burden rather than a fun challenge)!

We’ll see what comes to mind! I have a fun trip planned for tomorrow, I will take a camera and make the effort to photograph the journey. 🙂

Oh, one more thing – this is not a great photo but… I got these today from a local patisserie and they were as good as they look:


Tradução: Preciso de um novo projecto porque ando sem inspiração para tirar fotos. Hoje forcei-me a usar a lente macro no iPad para tirar umas fotografias diferentes, nada de mais mas resolvi partilhar o resultado na mesma… Se tiverem dicas de como ultrapassar o bloqueio criativo deixem um comentário! Ah, e estes bolos… tão bons… fui conhecer uma pastelaria nova hoje e trouxe estes dois. Uma delícia!

8 thoughts on “How to keep photographing even if there’s no inspiration?”

  1. Hello Ines, I’ve been struggling with inspiration for a while now as well. Funnily, I also got out my macro lenses two days ago, and it was really fun using them.
    Ever since I’ve started experiencing the lack of inspiration, I desperately look around the house and try to make mundane objects picture-worthy through the lens.
    One of my problems is that I don’t go outside or interesting places often enough to take pictures, especially sind my photo buddy moved away (we used to choose a destination around our city one a month).
    A couple of years ago I participated in the photo challenge, which was great fun but in the end I took it too seriously and was too fixated on the one picture.
    These days I sometimes just look at their list and if some prompt catches my eye I might give it a go.
    Like you, I’m also thinking about starting a new photo project but still haven’t come up with anything…
    Let’s hope we both get our inspiration back and find something interesting to photograph 🙂
    Happy Easter!

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    1. Hi Kiki, thanks for sharing your experience 🙂
      How funny we both reached out to the macro lens! I guess trying to see the world from another perspective helps a bit.
      After I read your comment I realized I don’t go out to shoot by myself much either… I should make an effort to change that I guess.
      I hope you too will get your inspiration back soon!
      Have a great Easter weekend

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  2. I struggle with this a lot too 😦 It can be so frustrating. Usually, if I get really stuck I just photograph something I’ve photographed before, but in a different way (e.g. in a different setting, or in different light or with a different lens).

    It is so hard to stick with photography projects. I am forever starting new ones and never completing them. I think I have tried a 365 project about 7 or 8 times, and have never finished one, although I have got very far a couple of times (over day 200). But, then, I think it doesn’t matter because I enjoy trying, so I will probably always keep attempting them.

    By the way, those pastries look insanely delicious, especially the chocolate one 🙂

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    1. Thanks for sharing Deborah 🙂
      It’s a good idea to photograph something for the second time. It reminded me a challenge I did a few years ago, where we had to photograph the same object 100 times in different ways and then choose the best 2 photos of the series.
      I never attempted a 365 project. I started a 52-week project once in the Summer of 2013, but only got until week 34… As you said, while it’s enjoyable it’s worth the challenge!
      The pastries were soooo good, the chocolate one was delicious but the other one was even better: caramelized peanut – yummy!!


  3. I also pull out my macro lens when I’m at a loss, or when the weather is bad for other kinds of photos. I also look at paintings, and try to draw some inspiration from them.

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  4. I’ve photographed a lot the last year, but a bit too much so I got behind in actually picking out the best ones, doing a bit of postprocessing and posting them (I photograph women mostly). Now it’s a lot quieter and I like it for a while. I go through older photographs now. The desire to start shooting again week probably come soon enough again, so I try not to cling on to searching for things to photograph to much, at this point. It’s a bit of a timeout. With me though, it was getting too busy, so also a bit of a burden, instead of fun. And the weather is becoming warmer, so it’s also nice to do other things besides photography, like cycling, walking and just being outside and read for example.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! That’s right, sometimes the best thing it’s not to force it too much… just enjoy to do other things and let the inspiration come back 🙂

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