Adventures on the first day of Spring


Our first hike this year! We went exploring a new forest area not too far from where we live. I wanted to enjoy this first day of Spring and not make a photography trip of it, so I just packed the Fuji x100s with me and snapped these few photos.

Every time we feel like discovering a new place I grab a small hiking guide I have to look for ideas. I just put it in the backpack and start following the directions once we arrive. The thing is: that guide was published in 2008… So the instructions on how to get from the train station to the beginning of the path are not always up to date! Every hike is an adventure and we have a good laugh at the detours we end up doing because of this book. (I know, I know… there’s internet and GPS… but this became a fun challenge ahah) 😀



I hope you had a fun weekend too and with the same good weather!

Tradução: O primeiro passeio do ano, no primeiro dia de Primavera. Estes passeios são sempre uma aventura porque insisto em usar um guia de caminhadas publicado em 2008… e obviamente as instruções muitas vezes já estão desactualizadas! O que vale é que temos bom humor e acabamos sempre por achar piada às voltas desnecessárias que o livro nos faz dar. 🙂

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