5 reasons I’m looking forward to tomorrow


1) It’s going to be warm, the forecast is 17°C of real feel temperature. It’s sunny and the freezing breeze is gone – Finally!


2) We’re going to start hiking again. We’ll go to the forest and choose an easy path, to get ourselves slowly back into it. So when Summer arrives we will be ready for longer hikes in the mountains!


3) I’m planning a maternity session, as someone I know just told me she’s expecting and wants to do a photo shoot with me in a couple of months. I only photographed a “pregnant couple” once before, so it’s great to have another opportunity!


4) I’m delivering a series of photos from a photo shoot I did last week, with a young couple who’s starting their own blog. I always have butterflies in my belly when delivering photos, hoping people will like them as much as I do!


5) There’s an online Meet & Greet over at Niki’s blog this weekend. I will be checking it tomorrow, as last time I participated I found some nice new blogs to follow. You should have a look at it too!

Most of the photos here are old ones already used before, you can click on them to read their respective blog posts. The maternity one is from a photo shoot I did last year, if you click on it you’ll be redirected to my website where there are more photos of that session.

What are you up to this weekend? 🙂

Tradução: 5 coisas boas de amanhã – 1) Vai estar bom tempo, 2) Vamos recomeçar a fazer caminhadas, 3) Vou planear uma sessão de maternidade, 4) Entrego uma série de fotos tiradas para um casal de bloggers na semana passada, 5) O ‘meet & greet’ virtual no blogue da Niki.

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