#SlowDownWithStills [Photo 9]


WEEK 9 – the last one! – of the #SlowDownWithStills program.

This week´s photo prompt is to illustrate our version of “No Matter What Life Throws My Way” and showcase part of our daily life that we wish to pay more attention to.

The past few days I felt so overwhelmed with everything I have and want to do, that I ended up stressed and not doing anything… Funny enough when I opened the email from the program today, I found this in it:

“When you live in the fast lane, when you get stressed, negative thinking has a way of taking over your mind. You forget that you are the boss of your own thoughts + life.” -by Christina Greve

✓  I know that if I keep organized I won’t lose track of myself, so with this photo I illustrate my wish to plan my weeks in advance and make sure I take the time to develop my Fine Art collections.

Tradução: O desafio para a 9ª (e última!) semana do programa criativo Slow Down With Stills é criar uma imagem que traduza uma parte do nosso dia-a-dia à qual queremos prestar mais atenção. A fotografia representa a minha vontade de continuar a trabalhar no meu mais recente projecto “Fine Art” e o desejo de me manter organizada, planeando as semanas com antecedência.

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