Prints + 500px + speaking from the heart


Lately I have been more into printing my photos.
It’s so much fun to see them on paper!

I used to make albums when I was a kid and I’ve started doing it again. 🙂


Besides scrapbooking, it’s also nice to be able to use the printed images to write to people or just to display at home – it really gives that special touch to the place.




Some thoughts on 500px:
I created a profile on 500px back in 2012, however in the last 4 years I never uploaded photos or connected with anyone in there. I was just using the site to browse through the work of others and get inspiration. Only recently I became curious about its use and I decided to upload and explore it more.

The images showcased here are all in a gallery on 500px. Let me know if you are in there too, so we can follow each other! Here’s the link to my page:

Some thoughts on selling photos:
During quite a few years my opinion was the same as many other people passionate about their art, I believed that by making a profit from my photos the magic of its creation will be compromised or even lost. I don’t know if you can relate to this or understand the idea…? However, after having done some commissioned jobs and having created images for other people, I see things a bit differently now. Making a profit from photography doesn’t bother me anymore and here’s why:

1- Taking photos for others you’re not spontaneously creating images, if you know what I mean… You’re doing it because someone asked you and is paying you for this. So in a way you’re creating by request, it’s a job and it’s normal to get paid.

2- You can still make money from your art without compromising your passion of it. How? By creating photos that you want to create, but that you’re willing to put out there in case anyone wants to buy them. The work is still meaningful to you, you created it for your own contentment – and if someone else likes it that much that they want to buy it from you, then all the better!

Speaking from the heart:
Creating images for others (‘scenario 1’ above) can be a hard thing to deal with for some of us though. That’s what happened to me. I love to create and the artist inside of me got a bit lost by the end of 2015 with the business side of things! (Remember that post?) So I’ve been thinking a lot about all of this in the past two months, while looking for a part-time job. How could I keep doing photography, create beautiful images and still have some revenue from it? That’s when ‘scenario 2’ above sank into me!

And that’s the project I’ve been working on (if you follow my blog you noticed I’ve been mentioning it since my trip to the Greenhouse eheh). I will finally announce it during this weekend! So make sure to come back tomorrow or in a couple of days for the big reveal. 😉

Today I just wanted to drop these thoughts in here and I would really be interested in hearing yours too.
Do you sell your art? How do you feel about it?
Don’t forget to share your 500px page so I can check your galleries as well! 😉

Tradução: Algumas fotos que imprimi recentemente, é bem mais giro vê-las em papel do que no ecrã + Reflexões sobre vender fotografias ‘versus’ manter a nossa arte fora do mercado para não comprometer a nossa paixão de criar + O link para a minha página no 500px (se também tiverem uma partilhem nos comentários!) + Este fim-de-semana anuncio o novo projecto em que tenho estado a trabalhar nas duas últimas semanas!

6 thoughts on “Prints + 500px + speaking from the heart”

  1. I started an account on 500px a few months ago, but I’m not exactly sure how it works yet. I’ll be sure to follow you and try to figure it out, you’ve inspired me!


    1. Happy that this post inspired you! Please do, so I can check your work there and follow you too 🙂

      I think it works a bit like other online communities for photography lovers: you can upload your photos, browse through other’s images, search by categories, like + comment + follow to connect with people.
      One nice thing of 500px is that you have the possibility to make your images available to their marketplace, so people can buy the digital files if they want – I think that’s pretty cool! I also like that once you publish a photo they promote it within the community.

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    2. Thank you for following me back 🙂 I look forward to seeing your pictures both there and on your blog. I will try to keep that updated as well, it seems like a great community.

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  2. I’ve just started following you on 500px 🙂

    At the moment, I just do photography as art for myself, and then I submit any photos that I think are “sell-able” to Getty Images. I know some photographers don’t like the idea of stock photography. But, I just think that I might as well try to get a bit of money from photos that I’ve really enjoyed taking. Otherwise, they will sit around on my Flickr or my blog and may never be seen much again. The downside of stock photography is often you don’t know where your sold photos will end up, but sometimes I’ve found my photos in unexpected places and it has been such a lovely surprise.

    I’ve never done commissions like you, but I am starting a new job soon which will include a little bit of photography, eventually. I’m both excited and quite nervous to have to face taking photos that someone else wants me to. Hopefully, it will be OK though. In my case, it will be very specific photography (architecture) so I’m hoping that once I get the hang of it, it won’t bother me too much. After all, it is the buildings themselves that are the works of art 😉

    This was a long comment – sorry! Your blog post really interested me 🙂


    1. Hi Deborah, cool and I’m following you back! 🙂
      I just checked your page and realized there are groups on 500px too, I need to explore that.

      No need to apologize, I love long comments too eheh

      I agree with you! Instead of having photos lost in our computers, they better be online for others to see and enjoy. And if someone wants to buy them, even better!
      I can believe it’s a bit frustrating not knowing where your photos end up, maybe a cover for a book? To advertise some product? It would be great if there was a way to track them.
      I have no ideia how Getty works… do you have an account there or do they see your photos somewhere else and contact you?

      I’m sure taking photos for the new job will be a great experience! Hope to see a post on your blog about that in the future 😉


  3. To be honest, I had totally forgotten about the existence of 500px groups! Hehe. I must have joined them a long time ago…

    I’ve heard that if you sell a photo through Getty for something major, like a book cover, then I think Getty do tell you (or perhaps the publisher contacts you). I don’t know for definite though. Sometimes, you can find your images if you Google your name and “Getty Images” after it, but a lot of the time people don’t credit the photographer, they only credit “Getty Images”, which is a shame.

    You have to register with Getty to become a contributor and then you can submit as many photos as you like to them. The photos all get reviewed and if they are accepted, they become available for sale on I don’t know how joining works these days. I got an invite to join Getty a few years ago through Flickr because Flickr and Getty had a partnership back then. I expect that it is probably a case of sending them a small sample of your work and then if they like it, they accept you and you sign some paperwork.

    Thank you, I really hope so. I’m sure I will blog about it 🙂

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