#SlowDownWithStills [Photo 7]


WEEK 7 of the #SlowDownWithStills program.
This week´s photo prompt is to illustrate our version of “The Map Of No Worries“.

The quote would make more sense if you could read the story shared on the email received, but since it’s quite a long text (and part of a program for which you should subscribe to have access to it) I’m not going to copy-paste it here. Just know it’s about making life less complicated and not letting our worries take over!

✓  I thought I would play around with the “map” thing and illustrate with this photo a time of my life where I really embraced every day and enjoyed the moment to its fullest. It was the Summer of 2009, I had managed to get a 6-week internship in London and I really made the most of my time there! The map is from London and the tangerines are a reference to the room I was renting there, it had a small tangerine tree by the window. 🍊 🙂

Tradução: O desafio para a 7ª semana do programa criativo Slow Down With Stills é criar uma imagem que traduza a nossa versão do “mapa das despreocupações”. Isto faria mais sentido se pudessem ler o texto que foi enviado por email, mas como faz parte do programa e é de qualquer forma grande demais para copiar aqui, digo-vos apenas que passa a mensagem de que a vida deve ser descomplicada e não devemos deixar as nossas preocupações tomarem conta de nós. Baseado neste tema, tirei esta foto que representa uma altura em que estive em Londres 6 semanas a estagiar e em que aproveitei ao máximo cada dia. (ah! e as tangerinas são uma referência ao quarto onde fiquei na altura, tinha uma pequena árvore com tangerinas ao pé da janela)

6 thoughts on “#SlowDownWithStills [Photo 7]”

  1. What a special little collection of nostalgic items … And I love tangerines this time of year. They remind me of all the freshness and brightness and color of summer, which I’m missing at the moment. It’ll be here before we know it! 🙂

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    1. I’m glad the photo resonated with you too 🙂
      It’s funny tangerines remind me more of winter, because here in Switzerland as a kid that’s what we were given on xmas time at school (gingerbread & tangerines).

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