Behind the scenes of “Flower Power” – a collab project


I really enjoy watching other’s Behind the scenes stories, being able to discover how everything was created and seeing the work that resulted in the final outcome.

I imagine other people think the same, so when I organize a photo shoot I always try to remember to take a few photos from everyone working and I’m always pleased when people do it for me too.

With that said, here are a few photos of the day Flower Power was shot!


Here I am on the left, photographing from below! On the right is one of the shots resulting from that series I took by laying on the ground to get a different perspective. 😉


+ I also created a small BTS video:

Tradução: Gosto sempre de ver quando outras pessoas partilham “os bastidores” das suas sessões fotográficas, por isso quando organizo as minhas tento sempre lembrar-me de tirar algumas fotos das pessoas a trabalhar – e aprecio quando fazem o mesmo por mim. Assim sendo, hoje partilho algumas imagens e um vídeo do dia em que o projecto “Flower Power” foi fotografado!


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