Flower Power – a collaboration project


This Hippie inspired photo is part of a collaboration with artist Coco Maecenas from Cocollagen. We called our collab work “Flower Power”, I took a few portraits and Coco used a couple to create two amazing collages!

Today I’m sharing the results of the collab. During next week I will share more photos I took when photographing for this project.

I hope you enjoy these and make sure to check out more of Coco’s work! Her collages are all portraits of women, they’re created from magazine clippings, photographs, leaves and other bits combined with watercolor, acrylics and crayon.



Check out the BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO on my Facebook page. 😉

Tradução: Este é o resultado da minha colaboração com a artista Coco Maecenas (Cocollagen). Chamamos o nosso projecto de “Flower Power” pois é inspirado nos anos 60 e no movimento Hippie. Fiz uma sessão fotográfica e a Coco usou dois dos meus retratos para criar duas magníficas colagens! Espreitem o vídeo da sessão na minha página Facebook.

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