#SlowDownWithStills [Photo 6]


Last time catching up with the #SlowDownWithStills program.
Tonight I will receive the email for Week 7 and finally be on track with it!

The challenge was to illustrate our version of “the voice of your heart“.

The emails received when you’re part of this creative program not only give you a theme and a photo prompt for each week, but also have word prompts. And sometimes the text is quite profound! I leave you with a few excerpts of the words received for week 6, so you will better understand the topic in which the photo is based on:

“Listen to your heart and only your heart. Not the critical voice inside your own head. (…) The heart can see further than the eyes. (…) act on what your heart tells you (…) It´s like the heart knows things in advance. (…) feel your decisions, instead of over-thinking them.”
-by Christina Greve

✓  I couldn’t find an obvious way to represent this, so I just thought I would photograph the camera I took to Prague and some postcards I bought there. It was a trip I did right after I quit my job and before I went on the adventure of trying out being a freelance photographer.

Tradução: O tema da 6ª semana do programa criativo Slow Down With Stills era “a voz do coração”, no sentido de não pensarmos demais nas coisas e ouvirmos o nosso coração para tomar decisões. Resolvi fotografar a máquina que levei na minha viagem a Praga e uns postais que comprei lá, porque foi uma viagem que fiz logo após me ter despedido para me tornar fotógrafa freelance.

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