#SlowDownWithStills on Instagram


I’ve been sharing the #SlowDownWithStills challenge on Instagram too.

The photos I post there are taken with my phone and sometimes they have a different composition than the ones I share here on the blog.

The creator of the program encourages us to share the photos on Instagram and to use the hashtag to connect with other participants. It’s fun seeing everyone’s photos!

Also, it was like a breath of fresh air discovering all the like-minded creatives. Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming to browse around Instagram, there are so many people sharing photos of so many different things. Lately I was feeling discouraged to post and this challenge brought the motivation and inspiration back!


Tradução: Também tenho estado a partilhar o desafio “Slow Down With Stills” no Instagram, é giro poder ver as fotos dos outros participantes e encontrar pessoas com quem me identifico a nível criativo!

6 thoughts on “#SlowDownWithStills on Instagram”

  1. I only just started out on Instagram myself, and the stills you can find there are amazing. I’ve been giving it a try but have to say it doesn’t come easy to me. It’s like setting a scene, and although you can see it in your head it’s something else altogether to get it into a picture. So hats off to all the instagrammers who have perfected this…


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