I want to get back shooting for the #SlowDownWithStills program this week, but I have been stuck on Week 5 because of the theme: My Morning Routine. I can’t quite figure out how I can represent that in a still life image that suits me.

I feel like the “breakfast shot” is such a cliché… same for the “makeup flat lay” type of photo… On the other hand, it’s a Still Life Photography challenge and I guess that’s exactly the type of photos we are supposed to be creating for this category. Maybe I’m just overthinking this too much!

In the meantime, here’s another one from the Greenhouse.

Tradução: Tenho estado bloqueada no tema da semana 5 do desafio “Slow Down With Stills”, o tema é ‘A Minha Rotina Matinal’ e não me ocorre nada de original para fotografar… Enquanto a inspiração não chega, fica aqui mais uma imagem tirada nas estufas na semana passada.

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