The Still Life Photography challenge – Thoughts


I’m taking a little break on catching up with the #SlowDownWithStills program.

It’s funny… the name is “Slow Down With Stills” and I’ve been rushing to catch up with the challenges as I only joined halfway through the program!

I joined because I wanted a little boost of motivation to photograph moments of the daily life, but I’m realizing now that the concept of Still Life Photography is quite complex.

I always thought of Still Life Photography just as what’s on the other side of Portraiture or Landscape photography. But when searching into it this week I realized it is described as a “demanding art”, in which as a photographer you have to master light and composition.

It’s about making pictures rather than taking them.
When taking the photo you can arrange its composition. I think that’s the biggest challenge for me because I photograph more with intuition, when I see something beautiful I take a shot – rather than making it look beautiful for the shot.

Can someone relate to this or is it just me? Anyway, I’m looking forward to continuing the challenge and see how I evolve with it. 🙂

Tradução: Pequena pausa na partilha de fotos relacionadas com o programa ‘Slow Down With Stills‘. Inscrevi-me como motivação para fotografar momentos do dia-a-dia, mas apercebi-me de que a fotografia de Natureza Morta é uma arte difícil. É preciso criar uma imagem bonita para ser fotografada, e eu sou mais de fotografar quando reparo em algo naturalmente bonito. Tem sido um desafio interessante!

3 thoughts on “The Still Life Photography challenge – Thoughts”

  1. I share your thought about “Still Life”. It is not just taking pictures as you see it but it can include your involvement in arranging of the objects/scene you are shooting too.

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  2. I can completely relate! It’s always the light I struggle with as I only shoot in natural light but, by the time I’m free, the best light has gone! Enjoying your series of photos! (having difficulty commenting though and I’ve no idea why!).


    1. Hi Helen! Thank you 🙂 I also only shoot in natural light, I’m lucky to be home so I can choose the best moment of the day to photograph.
      Regarding the comments, do you mean technical difficulties on leaving comments on my posts from outside WordPress?


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