#SlowDownWithStills [Photos 3+4]


Still catching up with the #SlowDownWithStills program!

This one was to create a photo that illustrates the concept of “My Quiet Place”. Doesn’t matter how or where, but something that gives peace to the soul.

✓ I knew what I wanted to photograph right away. My quiet place is in a cup of tea! 😉



The encouragement for the fourth photo was to showcase something we are grateful for. Either “little things” like chocolate or bigger things like friendship.

✓ Funny story about this one: I struggled quite a bit to come up with an image that would represent gratefulness. I tried to take quite a few different photos but was never happy with the results, so I took a break from it and decided to make some popcorn. When I started hearing them popping one after the other I just realized that each one of them could represent something I’m grateful for – a big bowl full of gratitude!

Tradução: 3ª e 4ª fotografias para o programa criativo Slow Down With Stills. Os temas são “Algo que traz paz à alma” (no meu caso escolhi o chá) e “gratidão” (aqui como metáfora, cada pipoca representa uma coisa pela qual estou grata).  

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