How do you look for new blogs you can relate to?

Landscape from Châteaux-d’Oex, Switzerland

Lately I’ve been thinking more about the reason why I first created this blog: to be able to connect with other photography lovers out there. And although I follow quite a lot of blogs and like posts every time I find the photos beautiful or the words interesting, I realized I rarely connect with the person on the other side. I hardly ever leave a comment – need to change that!

I’ve been wanting to find some new blogs to follow, not only nice photography ones but blogs with which I can relate on a more personal level.

I thought I would share how I look for new blogs
and also ask for any suggestions on how you do it!

Here’s how I search:

1- I browse the WordPress reader feed looking for posts tagged with words that match my interests – #photography #portraits #creative #switzerland – however the blogs showing up from that search are still very diverse. Sometimes I’m lucky and stumble upon a few that speak to me.

2- When I finish reading a post I really enjoyed, I check the comment section and click on other people’s to check out their blogs. If they took the time to leave a comment it’s because they’ve enjoyed the post as much as I have, so chances are I might enjoy their content too.

3- This weekend I tried a new thing and participated on a virtual “Meet & Greet”, it’s like a party in the comments section of a blog! The author will invite everyone to comment on that post: saying “hello”, leaving a link to your blog and a link to another blog you like. Then everyone browses each other’s links to discover new blogs.

So far I think option nr.2 is the most effective!

If you have any tips on how you search for new blogs to follow I would love to hear them 🙂

Tradução: Como fazem para encontrar blogues com os quais se possam identificar? Aceito dicas!

6 thoughts on “How do you look for new blogs you can relate to?”

  1. I generally go with option 2 myself. I too have found it difficult lately to find new blogs. I often look at the likes as well on posts I like. I find the reader hit in miss finding new blogs too.

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    1. Yes it’s difficult to find because there are soooo many blogs to go through, sometimes when I realize I’ve just spent hours browsing! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  2. I rarely comment on blog posts, or posts on other platforms, and I want to change that. I too have found that connecting via social media has eluded me. It seems so simple on the nose, but in practice it’s hard. My comments that I would post often seem inane, and so I never post them for fear of looking stupid or silly.

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂 I see what you mean, sometimes I also think a post is great but I don’t really know what to comment, so I don’t. I’ve been trying to change that, just by making the effort to leave a few words, I think it’s always nice to the author to see there’s appreciation on the reader’s side.


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