Bye bye January


We had some pretty crazy sunsets during January here at the shores of the Léman lake in Switzerland!

I snapped these with my phone from the train, I honestly didn’t think they would turn up nice because we were in motion, the window wasn’t very clean and my phone is old. But they ended up clear enough! I enhanced the colors of the one above in Photoshop and added a bit of sharpening. The one below was edited on Instagram:


Tradução: O pôr-do-sol tem sido espectacular este mês, estas fotos foram tiradas com o telemóvel da janela do comboio. Fiquei surpreendida com o resultado, não pensei que fosse ficar muito bem porque o meu telemóvel já é velhote, o comboio estava em andamento e a janela não estava muito limpa… Mas saiu bem e até deu para publicar no Instagram ahah!

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