Universal smartphone camera lenses


I got these lenses after reading this post on FashionAtka blog. When I read you could get a pack for 3€ in a store called Kruidvat in The Netherlands I was super happy, because I actually know a few people living there who could get them for me.

The pack includes: 3 different lenses (Macro, Wide and Fish eye) + a clip to fix the lens on your phone/tablet + two lens caps for protection + a small bag to carry everything.


The Macro lens
I think this is my favorite, with it you can get really close to objects and capture all in detail. It’s like a whole new world of photography!

Below is an example of how I was able to shoot a sharpener in detail: on the left using the macro lens and on the right without the lens trying to shoot from the same distance (it couldn’t even focus).


The Wide lens
I can see this one being useful if you’re taking a selfie with lots of friends and you need to fit everyone in the picture, or if you want to shoot a scene and can’t step back anymore for distance, then it can come in handy too.

To use it you actually need to fix it first on the macro lens, otherwise it won’t hook on the clip. The two pics below were taken from the same spot, the left is using the wide lens and the right is just with the normal camera of the phone.


The Fish eye lens
The ultra wide angle that creates hemispherical images, like you’re watching through a peephole. It’s fun too, but I haven’t explored it as much yet!

I took two pics exactly on the same spot, first with the fish eye (left image) and then I removed the lens and took another picture (right image).


They’re fun to play around with! I’m hoping they will make me want to take more pictures with my phone and maybe upload more often on Instagram. 😉

Tradução: Comprei recentemente 3 objectivas para o telemóvel (macro, grande angular e olho-de-peixe), acima estão os exemplos com fotografias para cada uma delas. O conjunto custa 3€ numa loja na Holanda chamada ‘Kruidvat’. Espero que me motive a tirar mais fotos com o telefone e a partilhar mais no Instagram!

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