New photography book

The last addition to my little photography book collection is Find it in Everything by the well-known actress Drew Barrymore. It’s a book where she shares photographs of heart-shaped objects and patterns that she has taken over the last ten years.

It’s a lovely book to have or to give as a present to any photography lover.

Although she photographs for fashion campaigns and magazines, this book is just a collection of personal shots from her everyday life.

That’s why I love it! It reminds me that it’s fine to snap away just to record moments without worrying too much about all the technical aspects and rules of photography.

Whenever and wherever I see the heart shape, a smile spreads across my face. The heart has an unbeatable romance when you discover one where you least expect it. And that is why I try to find it in everything.
– Drew Barrymore

Feel free to share your favorite photo books in the comments, I always like to discover new ones. 🙂

Tradução: A mais recente adição aos meus livros de fotografia é o da actriz Drew Barrymore “Find it in Everything”. São fotos capturadas pela actriz nos últimos 10 anos, em que tirou fotografia sempre que via algo com a forma de um coração. Adoro o livro não só por ser uma colecção pessoal mas principalmente por me fazer lembrar de que não há mal nenhum em fotografar momentos do dia-a-dia, podem não ser fotos perfeitas tecnicamente mas são sem dúvida recordações que ficam para sempre.

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