2015 – What was it like being a freelance photographer

2015 was the year I totally committed myself to photography. I took a break from my 5-year career on the publishing industry to have a taste of the freelance world and what it was like living as a full-time photographer.

I launched a website dedicated to women portraiture and started doing shootings in my area.

I also put together some creative photo shoots I had in mind for quite a while.

At the same time, I kept shooting for the fashion blogger with whom I was already collaborating before.

And since I had more availability, I could start going along with her to events and trips as her photographer.

We did quite a few photo reports and that opened some possibilities to work with brands. The biggest opportunity was shooting for the H&M Beauty Campaign here in Switzerland!

Apart from work, I managed to travel a bit too and take some pictures: around Switzerland, a long weekend in France for my birthday and the usual Summer week in Portugal.

But I found that during the year I didn’t really take a lot of photos on my free time. Because photography became my job I kind of neglected my camera(s) during my personal time… Which was something I came to realize at the end of the year, so that’s why in November I did my photo project “A week of autumn” to put me back on track with photography outside of work.

Now that the year has come to an end and I can look back at it, I can say I learned a lot about photography, but also about having your own business and being your own boss. It wasn’t always easy but it was definitely fun!

Although it was an amazing year, I came to realize that being a freelance photographer isn’t for me. But I also know I don’t want to go back to having photography as just a hobby… So I’m hoping I can find a part-time job in my previous career and keep doing photography on the side.

This is getting quite long!
I just thought I would share so in case you’re reading this and you’re wondering if being a freelance photographer would be possible or right for you – there’s only one way to know: by trying it. 🙂

We’re all different and each experience is unique. Happy New Year!

Tradução: 2015 foi o ano em que me dediquei inteiramente à fotografia. Fiz uma pausa na minha carreira na indústria editorial e resolvi experimentar ser fotógrafa a tempo inteiro. Criei um site e comecei a fotografar na minha área de residência, ao mesmo tempo continuei a fotografar com a blogger de moda com quem já colaborava. As reportagens que fiz com ela abriram portas e surgiram oportunidades de fotografar para marcas, a mais importante foi sem dúvida a campanha de produtos de beleza da H&M aqui na Suíça. Ao longo do ano fui-me apercebendo de que já não fotografava a não ser para trabalho – daí ter feito o projecto “A week of autumn” em Novembro, para voltar a pegar na máquina nos meus tempos livres. Agora que o ano chegou ao fim e que posso olhar para trás, foi sem dúvida um ano de muitos desafios mas também muito divertido! Aprendi muito, no entanto também serviu para perceber que ser ‘freelance’ não é a coisa certa para mim. Sei que não quero que a fotografia volte a ser apenas um passatempo e espero poder continuar a dedicar-me aos meus projectos em regime de part-time. Bem, o texto já vai longo… Só queria partilhar caso alguém esteja a ler e a pensar se ser fotógrafo a tempo inteiro será a coisa certa a fazer, só há uma maneira de saber: tentar! Somos todos diferentes e cada experiência é única. 😉
Bom Ano!

6 thoughts on “2015 – What was it like being a freelance photographer”

  1. It sounds like 2015 was a pretty special year for you 🙂 THe H&M shoot must have been so exciting! Best of luck with the part-time job search. I hope the perfect job comes along for you soon.


  2. Interesting! What camera is that in your photos? Is it your own? Congrats for the H&M job and other successful stuff you acheived! I agree that if you want something, you should try it. I quit my job last year to try if I could start a business as a translator. I learned a LOT and in the end decided it wasn’t profitable because of the crazy high taxation for entrepreneurs here in Finland. But at least I took time to explore the option, and I’m happy for that. Now I have a different job, all good 🙂


    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s my camera – I own a Nikon D610 and two Sigma lenses: 50mm and 70-200mm. Exactly, and if it turns out a different way that we had imagined at least there are no regrets 😉 Congrats to you too for having the courage to quit your job, start a business and most importantly admitting it wasn’t right and looking for a different solution! It seems like we were in the same boat eheh

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    2. We were in the same boat, at the same time, too 😉 Admitting it wouldn’t work but having tried gave me a good feeling and then I was able to move on and dream new dreams. Like you, I guess 😉

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