Washed out colors after publishing a photo

I just thought I would share this in case someone comes across the same issue. 🙂

Up until now I always stored my images somewhere other than WordPress and would upload them with the corresponding URL link. I’ve now started to use the WordPress media library and this happened:

After publishing my last post I noticed that the photo looked a bit dull, the vivid colors I was seeing on my computer screen vanished once it got published…

Here’s a comparison with another portrait, as you can see the colors on the right image are just washed out.

I researched the issue and it seems to be due to the color profile when saving the photo to ‘jpg’. Apparently when saving as ‘jpg’ in Photoshop I should exclude the ICC color profile metadata, checking that option off. Or when exporting the photo in Ligthroom set the Color Space to sRGB.

Perhaps that’s common knowledge and it’s no news, but I never came across this issue and didn’t know! 😉

Tradução: Tive um problema com as cores da última foto que publiquei aqui no blogue, a imagem ficou com menos saturação depois de publicado o artigo. Ao que parece quando se salva o ficheiro para ‘jpg’ deve retirar-se a opção “ICC Profile: Adobe RGB” no Photoshop. Não fazia a mínima ideia nem nunca me tinha acontecido tal coisa… por isso resolvi partilhar!

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